Thank you for your interest in the Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland organized by Killarney Beer Festival - Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney, Ireland.

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The Killarney Beer Awards are open to brewers on the island of Ireland only. If you are not sure if your product qualifies, do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate it is a rapidly evolving and innovative product market.

This competition page is only open to Beer. If you wish to enter cider, please use this page. Cider judging takes place on April 22nd with last entries on April 15th.

For a complete guide on the terms & conditions for the awards please email

All Killarney Beer Awards entries must be commercially available, fermented malt beverages, conforming to the trade understanding of “beer”, brewed by a permitted commercial brewery. “Commercially available” means available for retail sale at the time of registration.

Bottles and cans should have no brewery labels or identifying marks of any kind. Where this isn’t practical, such as cans, bottle caps or hard to remove labels, please cover them as best you can. The only identifying information should be the entry form securely attached to the bottle.

Breweries must meet each of the following conditions as of the end of May, 26th 2017:

  • Your brewery is fully open and operating with all required permits.
  • Your brewery is fully licensed for the manufacture and commercial sale.
  • Your beer was brewed at a brewery located on the island of Ireland.
  • Your brewery/brewing company has at least one beer that is commercially available for retail sale in Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  • Your beer was contract brewed by a brewery meeting the criteria above.
  • Home Brewers and other breweries not meeting these criteria are not eligible to enter.

Beers may be entered under the  styles of beers as recorded by the BJCP. These styles and substyles will then be ordered in to the 8 basic style categories for competition purposes.

Judging Process

All judges have been organised by Beoir. They will be independent of any brewery, or where a judge has a tie to a particular brewery, they will not be judging their own beer. All judges will be experienced beer tasters, beer writers, qualified judges (BJCP, Sommelier, Cicerone), experienced world beer competition judges. Many will be members of independent beer consumer groups around Europe such as Beoir, CAMRA and other EBCU member groups. Less experienced judges will be paired with senior, more experienced judges.

Further details are available in the Terms & Conditions, email

Competition Official

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Reuben Gray — Competition Coordinator


Killarney Beer Festival - Gleneagle Hotel is proud to have the following sponsors for the Beoir Champion Beer of Ireland.

Carry Out Off Licences
Carry Out Off Licences
This year the overall winning beers received a Commercial Package from Carry Out Off Licence our Festival sponsor, which included listing the winning beer for an extended period, marketing support in all Carry Out stores, online and social media, and further distribution possibilities for extended ranges opening the door to a long term commercial opportunity. The 2016 winning Beer was Flying Saucer from Donegal Brewing company Kinnegar Brewing.